Put simply, superannuation is a way to help accumulate money while you’re working, so you have the funds you need when you’re ready to down tools and take life a little easier. Watkins Financial Services will help you put together a personalised and cost-effective superannuation strategy, aimed at growing your super and your family’s future.

We believe all clients should have control over their superannuation and we always recommend the most suitable structure our clients to achieve this. Superannuation is a long term investment that should be structured correctly with the appropriate investments to ensure a comfortable retirement.

4 new SMSFs established every hour

According to recently released information from the ATO, there are now 496,207 SMSFs, with 4 new funds being established every hour.

Why is the growth rate so rapid? Should I have an SMSF?

These are just a couple of questions we get asked on a regular basis. The key reason for the growth is people wanting to gain more control and flexibility over the retirement savings. Investors are sick and tired of having to be limited to just a bland balanced, growth or conservative option. For example, retirees are focussing more and more on tax-effective income by the way of fully franked dividends which they can access through their SMSF.

Another growing rend indicates that 4 out of 10 new SMSFs are being set up by trustees under the age of 40.

Statistics from the SPAA annual conference also highlighted that they main reason why people refrain from setting up an SMSF is due to lack of knowledge. At Watkins Financial Services we guide and coach our clients in develop strategies that suit their needs and goals and review these strategies on an ongoing basis.

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