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When it comes to important financial decisions, careful planning based on extensive experience and specialist insight really is the key. Since most people aren’t financial experts, that’s where Watkins Financial Services comes in.

Self Managed Super Specialist.

We help Trustees of Self Managed Super funds (SMSF) where they need top specialist strategy advice such as tax, compliance, Estate Planning, Incapacity, Pension planning and Investment allocation. Residential Property is now becoming very popular with young trustees who in the first place set up their Self Managed Super Fund for greater control and flexibility over their own investments and now seeking specialist advice from us in  how to establish a correct borrowing to invest strategy and developing the right structure. Get it wrong and it’s disastrous.
We provide advice on how to set up a SMSF, why they are different from other super structures, and the strategies and things that you can do, that you cannot do with a conventional retail, Industry or a Super Wrap account.

  • Investment and Saving Money
  • Retirement Planningcalculator-financial-planning-superannuation
  • Superannuation
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)
  • Buying and Selling Shares
  • Borrowing to Invest
  • Personal and Business Insurance Cover
  • Estate Planning
  • Exit Strategies for Small Business Owners

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Investment and Saving Money

The smart way to amass longer term savings, capital growth and security in retirement is actually simple. It’s all about having a regular savings plan and just a measure of discipline. You certainly don’t have to be wealthy to be an investor. In fact, it’s the other way around – you often have to be an investor to be wealthy! Watkins Financial Services can point you to a range of investment strategies that work for all age groups. These options are based on your age, your tax position and your risk profile.
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Retirement Planning

Financial independence, especially in retirement, is everyone’s goal. Most investors realise they just can’t afford to rely on a government pension, particularly when costs such as private health care cover continue to rise above Australia’s annual inflation rate. We put our expertise at your disposal, to develop a plan that will take the financial headache out of retirement for you.
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Put simply, superannuation is a way to help accumulate money while you’re working, so you have the funds you need when you’re ready to down tools and take life a little easier. Watkins Financial Services will help you put together a personalised and cost-effective superannuation strategy, aimed at growing your super and your family’s future.
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Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

More and more people are considering setting up their own SMSF. As the name implies, an SMSF is effectively a do-it-yourself arrangement.

SMSFs are very popular with thousands of Australians wishing to make their own investment decisions and have a direct hands–on role in managing their own retirement savings. They’re choosing the option of an SMSF because it provides tangible benefits:
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Buying and Selling Shares

One of our key services is a full research-backed stockbroking facility, which enables you to buy shares in leading companies and new share floats.
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Borrowing to Invest

Whatever you need funds for – perhaps buying an investment property, or buying shares – Watkins Financial Services can sort through the details of innovative lending and flexible lending products. We’ll then provide the advice you need to decide on what works best for you.
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Personal and Business Insurance Cover

Insurance is one of the fundamental planks in any overall financial plan. As a Watkins Financial Services client, you’re guaranteed that our advice on all risk – business, death, permanent and total disablement, trauma and income protection insurance cover – is thorough. We can get quotes for you on term, disability and income protection insurance from all Australia’s major life offices.
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Estate Planning

Working together with your solicitor, we can shape estate planning strategies to minimise tax, (including potential capital gains tax) and protect your asset base.
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Exit Strategies for Small Business Owners

The small business Capital Gains Tax (CGT) concessions offer significant savings for small Business owners. In particular, the concessions provide an excellent means for small business owners to fund their retirement tax effectively via superannuation. One of the small business CGT concessions is tailored towards superannuation. The CGT exempt amount must be rolled over into super if the small business owner is under age 55. For business owners over age 55, proceeds from the sale of the business can be rolled over into super, taken as a lump sum, or used to commence a very tax effective income.
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