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David has had over 20 years experience in Financial Planning, advising large and small Wealth Accumulators, Retirees, Small Business owners over a variety of Industries, Age Pension recipients and clients Insurance needs.

In the mid 90’s David became a part of a select few advisors who commenced recommending clients to establish Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) to take control and have the flexibility over their super. Many of his clients have been successfully operating their SMSF’s over a number of years and have taken advantage of the many different strategies offered by these funds. Now, more younger people are establishing their fund to take advantage of using their super by borrowing to invest and create wealth over the long term.

David continues today to specialise in the SMSF arena and not only advises clients but acts as a mentor and educator to trustees on compliance issues and strategy planning.

Since becoming a financial adviser, he has witnessed several sharemarket crashes and booms, the Asian meltdown, the Tech crash, Property trust bust, Global Financial crisis and of the course the ‘boom times’ from 2000 -2007. Client Investments today are focussed on Shares, Electronic Traded Funds (ETF’s), Real Estate, rather than just Managed funds.

David works closely with his clients and values excellence in client services and is considered a trusted adviser.

Over 20 years year’s experience in Financial Advising in Retirement Planning, Wealth Creation and Insurance.
Over 14 years experience in Self Managed Super Fund strategies and Compliance.
Since early 2000 has been advising on Shares

CFP, Dpl. Fin Planning

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