Majority of people these days that are being diagnosed with a type of cancer, having a heart attack or stroke will survive. The problem these people face is they can’t afford to survive. Medicare and Private Health Insurance will only cover so much.

Key Statistics Trauma Insurance

  • 93,200 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed each year – 255 every day
  • The number of cancers being diagnosed is increasing
  • 8,000 Australians find out they have melanoma every year
  • 32 woman a day are diagnosed with breast cancer – 88% will survive
  • 1 man in 6 will get prostate cancer but only 1 in 35 will die

 What does trauma cover?

Trauma insurance covers you for an event. The most common types of events include cancer, heart attack, stroke and coronary artery by-pass. Other events covered under trauma insurance include loss of limbs, loss of sight, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumours, diabetes etc.

 How can trauma help? 

  • Trauma insurance can enable you to receive the best treatment and drug regime.
  • Buys you time and ability to cope financially.
  • Allows you to take time off work or reduce your working hours
  • Income protection insurance only covers 75% of someone’s salary. If you suffered a heart attack and can no longer work for a period of time, the 75% of  your income most often is far from enough.

What Medicare and Private Health Insurance does not cover 

  • Rehabilitation
  • Assistance around the house – housekeeper, baby sitter, shopping, counselling
  • Alternative treatments
  • Surgery for cosmetic reasons only
  • Worldwide treatment not covered under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Nearly everyone knows someone who has suffered a trauma event. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to obtain cover for the event. Even a little trauma cover is better than none. The last decision you want to face is not being able to obtain the treatment required because of the financial implications to you and your family.

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