Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) have become very popular and rightly so. SMSFs offer the most flexible option for the investment on your retirement savings and the greatest amount of control. However, not everyone can justify the costs associated with running an SMSF.

So what other options are available?

The next best option we believe is a Superannuation Wrap Service. Through a Wrap Account you to buy direct shares and term deposits just like you can do through an SMSF.  You can also access Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs) as well as a significant number of managed fund options.

A Wrap Account enables you to hold individual investments. This means you can choose when to buy and sell shares and have control over the capital gains tax implications. This level of control is not offered by most retail and industry funds.

Wraps also offer you the additional benefit of comprehensive insurance options such as a shorter waiting period and longer benefit period. For example, you can apply for income protection that will pay a benefit on claim to age 65 or 70. Most retail funds only provide you with a two year benefit period.

A superannuation wrap service may be the right fit for you, or may be a way of gaining more control of your superannuation in order to build your balance and potentially establish an SMSF later down the line.

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